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Q&A with Megan McJames

May 14, 2012


We caught up with Megan McJames, Level Field Fund recipient and overall NorAm Giant Slalom title winner, about what it takes to fund her athletic goals and her summer plans before she starts her first season on the World Cup circuit.

What advice to you have for up and coming skiers like yourself in need of financial support?
Keep asking!  It is hard to find financial support but when you find those few people willing to support you financially, they usually offer more support than just money and you never know when you might need a someone in your corner!

Favorite places to travel to, compete at and ski?
Although my ski career has brought me to many beautiful mountains, I am always excited to come home and ski in Utah….I love powder skiing!

How has the Level Field Fund has helped you achieve athletic success?
The Level Field Fund has alleviated a part of the financial burden of ski racing so that I am able to fully concentrate on pursuing my dreams!

What are you summer plans?
I will be riding my mountain bike, going to college at Westminster, baking and watching PIXAR movies!

How do you prepare for competing on the World Cup next season?
Rest, recuperate and get strong!