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Five Questions With Yoelvis Pedraza

August 8, 2014


JoeyHow has the Level Field Fund helped you work toward achieving athletic success?

Thanks to the Level Field Fund I was able to travel to a World Cup where I was able to finish Top 8 in the championship. I believe that it wasn’t only financial support but also spiritual support that I felt, therefore I was able to travel and achieve my best international performance.

What is the most best part about being a swimmer?

The best part about being an Open Water swimmer is being able to meet people and experience cultures around the world. Not only do I look forward to racing and performing my best at each race. but I also look forward to seeing my international friends and having hour long conversation about how they are doing, talk about family, friends, everything.

Favorite places to compete and travel?

Thanks to the Level Field Fund I have been able to travel to Hong Kong, Australia, Central America and South America. But by far my favorite place to compete and travel is the FINA World Cup in Mexico.

Best training day?

My best training days are Wednesdays and Saturdays because we do long Open Water training.

What advice do you have for athletes in need of financial support?

Do not give up. Keep fighting. Keep doing what you love doing. I knew that sooner or later I was going to find help. Rise and rise again.