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Catching Up with Alex Tuttle

April 4, 2012


We caught up with Level Field Fund recipient, Alex Tuttle and his first World Cup podium finish and a season ending ACL surgery. Read on as he shares the ups and downs of the average season for a world class boardercross athlete.

What were some of your highlights this season?
I made a lot of awesome improvements in my riding throughout the season even though the results weren’t always showing it. Unfortunately that is the nature of sbx sometimes. I was stoked to go to X Games again but the major highlight was that I earned my first world cup podium with a 2nd place finish in Valmalenco, Italy.

What would the perfect Boardercross course look like?
Some of the elements in a perfect course would be no flat landings, large bank turns, a technical start and plenty of room for the riders to take multiple lines and spread out.

Favorite places to travel to, compete at and ride?
Japan remains one of the coolest places that I have ever been to. Its a complete culture shock being so isolated up in the mountains and I love it.

How has the Level Field Fund has helped you achieve athletic success?
LFF has giving me the means necessary to attend the events necessary to the advancement in my career. It wouldn’t be possible for me to follow my dreams without the generous aid of the fund.

How hard is it to make ends meet as a professional snowboard cross athlete?
Making ends meet has always been a tall task for me. When I was working my way up the circuit, my family supported me as best they could and I would contribute as much as I had made the summer before building houses with my Dad. But there were still huge gaps between between the USASA level and the World Cup. I’ve had to sacrifice most of my training time during the off-season to ensure that I could make it to the events that I needed to during the winter. The majority of this season was funded by both Level Field and raised by a community fundraiser. There have been a ton of people helping me along the way, not just financially but mentally as well. It’s a long journey and it can’t be done alone.

What jobs do you do to supplement your season?
I’ve had a few different jobs but mainly I have worked for my dad doing carpentry since I was about 13. But I’ve had some odd jobs in between such as working maintenance at Sugarloaf’s golf course, coaching a local skat

What are you summer plans?
My plans right now are to rehab my knee and get to where I need to by the start of next season. I’ll also work as much as I can as well to help pick up the slack where I can.