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Benji Farrow Post Season Catch Up

April 18, 2012


photo courtesy of Blotto & Burton Snowboards

We caught up with twenty year old Vermonter turned Breckenridge, Co local, Benji Farrow after his 3rd place finish at the US Open. Here’s what he’s been up to and what’s on the agenda for the fast approaching summer.

Watching the US Open as a kid, what was it like to step up on to the podium this year?

Getting on the podium at US Open, at home where I grew up with my family there was a dream come true, to finish behind Shaun and Louie was an incredible honor! Yeah when I was young I watched the USO and was always like ” maybe I will compete in that one day” then I competed and after that I thought ” maybe I could win this one day” and now after this year I am as eager as ever!

What were some of your highlights this season?

This season was awesome, didn’t have all the best contest results, a lot of 5th, 6th, and 7th places but then the Open obviously helped make up for it. Hightlights,

– Riding the deepest and best pow ever with friends in Davos Switzerland.
– TTR World Champs in Norway was an amazing event, the people of Norway were so supportive and so awesome.
– Wining the best trick in Slopstyle at the US Snowboarding Grand Prix Mammoth.
– Getting third place in the US Open
– Riding all year with my best friends and having fun, I am extremely blessed with what I do. And sharing all my memories with my friends makes those moments priceless .

What was your best trip of the year?

Best Trip? Well its funny but I wouldn’t usually count coming home to VT a trip but this year the week I spent at home had a lot of awesome moments from the riding to the afterpartys and more! Other then that every time I go to New Zeraland is amazing.

What is your favorite place to ride?

Breckenridge Colorado hand down!!! I have been making my home here the last two years and love it. Going to home to VT and shredding the mountains I grew up on is always fun to, Okemo, Stratton, Mt Snow and Killington really bring me back.

Favorite trick/feature?

Favorite feature would be a perfectly sculpted 70 foot jump. Favorite trick has always been the next one I am learning!

How has the Level Field Fund helped with your success this season?

Not just this season, the Level Field Fund/Ross Powers Foundation believed in me when no one else would, they have been a big part of getting me to where I am now! I plan on doing all I can to give back to the Foundation and especially the next kid like me to come up through.

What’s on tap for you this summer?

Gonna take some time off!! I am attending a a semester at Westminster University in Salt Lake, then going home to Ludlow VT for June July and just having with friends and my siblings, skating, ropeswinging, getting in trouble, taking photos and whatever! The I will head back down under to NZ for August September to shred and start the cycle all over again!!