Nick Baumgartner Nick capped off his best season yet in snowboardcross by competing in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The season included finishing third in the SBX overall World Cup standings, winning a World Championship bronze medal as well as having five World Cup top-10 finishes, the final two of which landed him on the podium in second. He gives the Ross Powers Foundation credit for removing some of the financial challenges that were in the way of reaching his athletic goals.

“The Ross Powers Foundation was such a great help for me. All the hard work and time away to prepare for competitions makes it hard to still keep a steady job and makes pursuing dreams even more difficult. As a proud single father, one can imagine how much more difficult it can be to juggle everything and to make ends meet, especially in these current economic hard times. I was fortunate enough to benefit from the Foundation to help me with some of my competing expenses. It was so amazing to find that there are people out there that understand how hard it can be to compete as an athlete and step in to do everything they can to give you that chance by removing some of the worry of how to make ends meet, so I could focus more at the task at hand of making it to Vancouver! Thank you so much to everyone at the Ross Powers Foundation you have helped me achieve my dream!”
– Nick Baumgartner, member of the US Snowboard team

Callan was raised in a rural village in the Wood-Tikchik State Park, on the Bering Sea coast of Alaska. She began snowboarding on the surrounding mountains, snowmachining as far as her family would take her and following her brother’s lead to the summits. At 12, the family moved to Girdwood, Alaska, home of Alyeska Ski Resort, where Callan joined a snowboard club and began racing locally on the weekends. As her race experience grew, she found herself racing National Competitions and FIS events. In 2006, she earned a berth on the United States Snowboard Team, landed on the podium in her first World Cup snowboardcross in Japan, and later won a U.S. National Championship title. After two more successful seasons, Callan sustained an injury in 2009 that put competition on hold. In need of financial help to continue training and competing, Callan thanks the Ross Powers Foundation for supporting her quest to earn a spot on the US Olympic Team.

“It has been an incredible year. To have this lifelong dream come to fruition, working towards a goal that at times seemed distant and watching the years of sweat evolve into a reality. The support you have given me has been one of the most important pieces in getting to the Olympics. Thank you for all that the Ross Powers Foundation has done for me.
– Callan Chythlook-Sifsof, member of the 2010 US Olympic Snowboard team
Callan Chythlook-Sifsof

Danny Davis Danny was fifteen years old when he first began competing in professional snowboarding events. While he initially competed locally, his passion and talent offered him the chance to compete in events outside his home state of Michigan. Unfortunately, the time and travel commitment to compete in these events forced him to miss too many classes and jeopardized his academic standing. Not wanting to give up either his academic or snowboarding aspirations, Danny needed a program that offered the flexibility to continue his studies and incorporate more specialized training and extended travel for competitions. His parents were determined to find a way to help support their son’s snowboarding talent when his mom came across the Ross Powers Foundation.

“The grant from the Ross Powers Foundation had an immediate impact on my development. Within my first year at Stratton Mountain School, where I was allowed focus more of my time on training and competing in more events, I landed my first professional podium and signed my first endorsement with Burton. All of a sudden I was living my dream and the only way that it was possible was with the help from Ross and his Foundation. Eventually, I was in a financial position to pay the Foundation back so they could help another kid like me get their career going. I am not sure where I would be today without the support of Ross and his Foundation. Not only did I receive the financial help that I needed, but I also gained a friendship with a snowboarder who I looked up to for years, the first snowboarding Olympic gold medalist. Thank you Ross!”
– Danny Davis

Like many talented young riders, Tyler wanted to attend Stratton Mountain School (SMS) so he could continue his education with the added flexibility of being able to focus on his snowboarding skills. He had all the necessary tools to go to SMS except for one – money. Despite his talents, Tyler was prepared to give up his snowboarding dreams and attend a public high school until he received a phone call that an anonymous donation had been made to enroll him at SMS.

“The chance to go to SMS meant so much to me and helped prepare me to make a living out of snowboarding. I had no idea who made the donation until sometime later when my coach showed me a press release about Ross starting a Foundation to help people like me. What he did means everything to me, and the truth is I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. I am and will forever be grateful. And the amazing thing is, I am not the only one Ross has helped. I don’t think many people realize what he has been doing through his Foundation, all the people he is helping. He is definitely impacting the lives of others in such a positive way.”
– Tyler Emond, top-ranked freestyle rider & member of 2005 US Snowboard team
Tyler Emond

Faye Gulini Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, Faye Gulini was 15-years-old when she and her father made the decision to pursue her snowboarding career and moved to Vail, CO. As a public school, Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy was an affordable option for her family. She quickly began to excel in boarder cross and by the time she reached the age of 18, she was competing for a spot on the 2010 U.S. Olympic team.

“In order to chase my dream of representing my country at the Olympics, I had to transfer all of my focus, hard work, and money into my sport. I needed to travel to places like Argentina, Austria, Switzerland , Canada, Spain and Italy to compete for my spot on the Olympic team and the cost of it all became way too much. My dad was clean out of money, and if not for the Ross Powers Foundation and its generous grant, I would have never been able to obtain my spot on the U.S. Team. Thank you Ross and the Ross Powers Foundation for helping make my dream come true!”
-Faye Gulini, youngest member of the 2010 US Snowboard team

After graduating high school, Pat moved to Jackson Hole to ride the legendary backcountry and traveled to Torino in 2006 to watch his brother Nate compete in the Winter Olympics. During the race he decided that Vancouver in 2010 was in his future and he moved to Squaw Valley the next winter to pursue his dream. In between competitions on the World Cup circuit, where he was one of only six U.S. riders to land a podium in international competition, Pat was working odds jobs he’d find on craigslist in order to try to cover his competition expenses.

“My number one stress in life is finding a way to pay for my travel expenses, and your grant has covered all my expenses for the Olympic Qualifying World Cups. . . I can’t express how grateful I am to have received a grant from your foundation.”
– Pat Holland, two-time member of US Snowboard team
Pat Holland

Graham Watanabe A member of the U.S. Alpine snowboarding team in 2000, Graham has a background in racing, but switched full-on to snowboardcross with the Olympic announcement. He became the first male American ever to win a World Cup SBX and went on to turn solid seasons on the World Cup tour into representing Team USA in the Olympic Games in both 2006 and 2010.

“The Ross Powers Foundation was an integral stepping stone in my drive to compete on a World class level. While I’ve been lucky enough to receive assistance from family, other organizations, and sponsors, finances are a constant concern, and therefore, distraction from meeting my athletic goals. The generosity of the RPF took my mind off the ‘business’ side of my sport and allowed me to focus on performance. This milestone helped me to accomplish one of my most successful seasons, to date. Not only did I podium in more than one World Cup, but those podiums led to an Olympic berth, in Vancouver, and my first top-three finish in the Overall World Standings. I have devoted many years to the sport of snowboarding, and have never received such direct, individual support from an organization.”
– Graham Watanabe, two-time Olympian & member of US Snowboard team